Whispers of the Night
Voices in the Dark
Ouija with Jaime_Gettysburg_Stanley

Transcript of Ouija Board Session


It was midnight. We lit 2 white candles, and again I burned the herbs for protection. It was my daughter and I, the only ones in the room, and we sat on the bed, placing the board between us, with the candles on a table on each side of us.

This time I decided to record the session with my digital voice recorder. EVP will be inserted at the point of the Ouija session where it was captured.  The EVP links to sound files are not yet installed--I will upload at a later date after they are digitized.


 ME:         Who is here? Is there someone here that would like to speak to us?     

             OUIJA:   S – T – A – N – L – E – Y
ME:         Stanley? How old are you, Stanley?
             OUIJA: 6 (pointing to the number 6)
             OUIJA:   D – A – D – D – Y
ME:         Stanley, are you lost? Where are you Stanley?
             OUIJA:   C – A – V – E
             EVP: "Help" (in a young male child's voice)
             EVP: "I’m right here" (very, very faint whisper in an older male's voice--  
             could be the father)
ME:        Do you know where you are, where the Cave is located?
             OUIJA:   M  – O  – U – N – T
ME:        Mountain?
             OUIJA:   O – R – E
ME:        Mount Ore?
(Stanley seemed quite intelligent for his age and a great speller! He spelled out DADDY several times. I asked him where the cave was. Response was Mount Ore. I asked him if he was at a mine, if that's what he meant with the word ORE. He said yes. My impressions were that his father worked at the mine, saw the cave in, and was on the other side of the cave in. (I believe his father died in an attempt to rescue Stanley.)
ME:        Stanley, do you know what State you live in?
             OUIJA: D – E – N – V – E – R
(My daughter and I looked at each other and laughed, and I told Stanley that Denver was a City, not a State)
             OUIJA: D – A – D – D – Y
ME:        Stanley? Where is your Daddy?
             OUIJA: N – O – W – H – E – R – E
ME:        Stanley?  Did your Daddy work at the Mine? Is the Cave at the Mine?
             OUIJA:   Y – E – S
             OUIJA:  T – E – W – L
ME:        Do you mean you have a tool?
                   (We laughed at this spelling) 
EVP: "I'm mad" (faint child’s voice)",
EVP SOUND: A large heavy object drops and bounces (could be the tool?)
(My impressions at this time was that his father was on the other side to the opening of the cave, & that his father had passed also in attempting a rescue). My daughter's eyes were beginning to tear up. The feelings of sadness were overwhelming.)
        ME:        Stanley? Did you go with your father to work?
       OUIJA:  Y – E – S 
ME:        What were you doing in the cave?
             OUIJA:  H – I – D – I – N – G
             OUIJA:  D – A – D – D – Y     
(I felt Stanley was getting very tired now and falling in and out of consciousness)  
 ME:        Stanley, It's ok Honey, your father is very close to you.  You can see him if you go to the light Stanley.  He'll be right there.  
          EVP: "Dear God" (child's voice--very clear), maybe starting his prayers?
             OUIJA:  E – V – E – R – V – E – R – Y
         (No clue what he was trying to spell here, unless it was the word 'very') 
ME:        Stanley, you have to go through the darkness to get to the light.  Run to Daddy, Stanley, go to the light.
EVP: "Daddy", "Daddy" (this EVP was coming through just as I started to speak and tell him to run to Daddy.)
          OUIJA:  (no words or spellings coming through now, planchette moving very slowly.)
(I felt a calm peaceful feeling go through me, and it felt as tho it moved through my body in an upward motion, almost a floating feeling for a brief few seconds) --my daughter was really crying by now, and the tears were welling up in my eyes).
I believe he found his father.

Now I have to say, we had no idea what EVP we captured on the recorder until after we closed the board and played back the recording. You can imagine the excitement and surprise when we heard what we got.  One more EVP was captured that we did not hear until listening to the recording again, and that was "BE CAREFUL", with the last word being drawn out.  This session was enough proof for my daughter to believe it can be used successfully in spirit communication.

Note: Hopefully in the near future, i space permits, I will also load the entire session so that you can hear our questions in addition to the EVP's captured.