Whispers of the Night
Voices in the Dark
Charlestown, WV



The Charles Washington Inn

Charles Town, West Virginia

Ghostly Disembodied Arm & Hands
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Investigation Encounters
The Charles Washington Inn, Charles Town, West Virginia
Friday, March 17, 2006, 7:00 pm - Midnight
By: Rita Kendrick

Although I believe its been a couple years since I've joined Bev on one of her 'outings', since I've been busy with my own group's investigations, it was nice seeing her again and meeting others. My friend Peggy jumped at the chance to join me on this one and was so excited.

I was surprised to see that Beverly had 'teamed up' with another medium, but what a neat idea! I read the write up in the Washington
paper on the other Medium, Laine, who at the time, was the Investigative Medium for the American Battlefield Ghost Hunter Society.

I enjoyed the evening and Beverly & Laine were great! While Laine was in our dining room she sensed the male presence that I had been sensing since we arrived. Its so nice to get confirmation when another Sensitive picks up the same spirits that you do
. The visual I got was of a man about 5' 6" or 5' 7", with a very dark, almost black, beard and sideburns. The beard was close cut to the face. This man was of medium build. I feel this man has a direct correlation with an event in the basement. I stated I sensed 'nasty', but I think it is more related to 'secrets'.

Peggy and I were also sensing a little girl in our dining room. My left leg under the table was suddenly pushed towards my other leg, and Peggy felt the girl she sensed touch her (on her leg I believe)--maybe she was hiding under the table? Peggy got the name 'Maddy' and I told Peggy my sensations of Maddy were that she had very dark brown hair and ivory white skin.

I had many other experiences as well. While we were outside on a 'smoke' break, there was a heavy energy field directly in front of me that was pushing/edging me backward into the porch railing and then Peggy immediately told me she was glad I said that because she felt a man crawling towards her, reaching for her. She didn't like the feeling of this man. Just inside in the bar area, I did sense a male presence at the front corner table, which happens to be on the other side of the wall of the porch location where we had the previous encounter. I took about 10 photos of this corner table, for the feelings were that intense.

Also, I was feeling alot of energy in the back yard in the grassy area to the left of the 'hanging' tree where I captured the ecto (Photo to be posted later). I did not get the full story on this tree, just the mention of it being the 'hanging tree' from someone in passing.

When I went back inside I looked for Peggy and found her in one of the dining rooms with Laine, attempting communication with the spirit of a little girl, 'Maddy' about the age of 6 I believe. When I walked in that room, the energies were 'zinging'. I was really pleased to see Peggy actually speaking about what she was sensing. This is only her second investigation and she is shy about it.

I quietly sat down, not wanting to influence Peggy's experience with my own sensations, just started capturing EVP and taking photos without flash of the two of them.  Since I was taking photos without flash, I positioned the camera on the table in front of me to stabilize it, and just pressed the button to take the pictures.  

They were having a difficult time 'hearing' the little girl, so then Laine attempted to communicate using Automatic Writing. I captured a movement in one of the photos that begins from Laine's hand/pencil area down to Peggy's right knee. I remember Laine told the little girl to not hold her hand, but to grab the pencil and try that way. Peggy told me later in the hotel room she remembers feeling a touch on her hand at that moment and then she turned her hand over, palm facing up. Well my very next photo is showing Peggy's hand palm up. Peggy did not know what my very next photo held, for she told me this prior to moving on to view the next photo. In addition, I sensed a cold draft at my right leg and mentioned it to the women standing to my right, and shortly thereafter the water sensation was picked up and the spirit of the mother came to gather her child for bathtime (sensations communicated by Peggy & Laine). Although I realize some of what I captured that I'm thinking is EVP could possibly be someone talking in the room (since I've ruled out Peggy by having her listen), I don't believe the one EVP that is clear and says "big people" was spoken by anyone in the room! I explained to Peggy maybe the little girl was commenting on the two of them since they are both quite tall, and referred to that as 'big'?

As far as scientific evidence, I had my EMF detector and did baseline readings of the dining rooms and downstairs dining areas. While Laine was communicating with the little girl using automatic writing, I did get an EMF reading indicative of disturbance to the electromagnetic field, or possible spirit presence. Another EMF reading like this was captured earlier in the evening when Bev came into our dining room (the two dining rooms were adjacent to one another) and was communicating using her own EMF with a spirit whose name was Elsie (this name came to me and when Bev asked if this was her name, she received a positive reading on her detector) and said yes it was her name.

I feel the photos, along with the EMF spikes & cold spots felt, directly correlate to spirit activity during the communication period by the Sensitives present.

In addition, I have also captured a very interesting photo of the stairwell that looks to be a disembodied arm from the elbow down. It was shot without flash of the stairwell from the second floor looking down. This photo was snapped shortly after I arrived. I sensed the need to go downstairs, and when I hit the stairwell, I felt the need to snap a few shots (with and without flash).  I captured a ghostly lookinig arm (white and somewhat transparent) on the rail of the stairs going down. There is movement behind this arm, which could be the ghost, and there is also the possibility of a childs hands on the rail overlapping or underneath of the ghost arm. There were no humans on the stairs at the time the photo was taken. There was a man and woman at the top landing that I had to move around in order to descend the stairs. The arm looks to be of the left hand since the thumb is closest to me when looking at the photo. It possibly could have been reaching for the chain holding the light suspended at that location, rather than descending the staircase. There is also a dark shadow on one of the steps that could possibly be a boot. The arm looks to be male, or large female. I noticed it was much colder when I hit the first step going down.

I have to be honest--when we arrived and came upstairs and I discovered that there were alot of people, I was a little disappointed, for my past experience has been that its very difficult to obtain evidence when there are alot of people.  Its disturbing, I think, to the communication processes for the Sensitives, for there is alot of background noise & interruption.  But, all in all, the evening turned out to be quite successful for several folks there!

I'm really looking foward to visiting this place again, hopefully sometime soon, for a follow-up investigation.


NOTE:  I have asked for photographic analysis and opinion from other reputable Paranormal organizations of the photos of the arm and hand.  Clickon PHOTO OPINIONS below here to read those opinions as well as eye witness account! 


Original Photo Black and White/cropped Original Photo Lightened & Cropped

There seems to be something in the window.  These are pics of the same window.  What is in that window--top right?  These are 2 pictures of the same window from slightly different angles.




Laine and Peggy communicating with spirit of little girl 'Maddy'.  Laine was attempting 'Automatic Writing' (where you ask the spirit to take control and write what they have to say).  Peggy felt a touch on her hand and then turned her hand palm upwards.  The photos below show the movement between the pencil and Peggy's hand.  Could this have been the little girls spirit energy caught moving?  At the time of this communication, my EMF detector spiked to about a reading of 3-4 in their corner.

 Original Photo Original Photo Lightened 
 Original Photo Lightened & Cropped Next Photo showing Peggy's hand open (see story above) 

Various Photos of the Charles Washington Inn